Replace is only available if you can present a continuous video proof, from the purchase of the goods to the check of the goods. The video evidence must be submitted within 60 minutes via support ticket, screenshots, etc., are not considered a 'proof', there must be a video proof! In addition, the video must show how you visit and a German non BL IP and German DNS or 'unkown' uses.

We accept Bitcoins, PaySafeCard, Physical Amazon Cards (EUR) and PayPal. Bitcoin and PayPal can be fully automatically charged via the credit page. To be able to charge with other payment methods you have to open a support ticket with the corresponding title.

For this you have to open a ticket with the PaySafeCard code which we manually check and manually credit you the credit. The tickets are checked several times a day and usually also at night. For PaySafeCard payments we charge a fee of 20%, from 100.- EUR there are no charges for goodwill.

Thats not an Error! We grant regular customers new payment methods (usually automated), as these customers have gained our trust. Nevertheless, these payment methods can be manually charged in support tickets with us. PDC are not possible. - Our support can not unlock any payment methods, this happens automatically through our Payments and User Management System, on which our support team has no influence.

PDC (Payment During Checkout) is the possibility, if the credit is insufficient, the balance can be paid over 1, - EUR.